Thursday, October 22, 2009

Belgian Beer Cafe: Heritage

First off the list from my Sydney weekend trip is the classic Belgian bistro at the Rocks. Friday nights are usually packed and even making a booking a few days before, we still had to wait for our table.  We made our way to the bar where Arthur ordered a 500ml  glass of Hoegaarden. 
 Famous Belgium beers on tap.
Vintage beer poster. One of the many other vintage pieces and decor that gives the place a classic distinctive style. 

After waiting a while, the guy escorted us to our tables but was surprised to find our table occupied! He told us there might have been a mix up with the bookings on a busy Friday night so he apologised and kindly offered us a round of drinks, on the house! Not long after we were seated at a table.
Wide selection of beers.
La Guillotine, Hoegaarden, Piraat. Each drink comes in its very own labelled glass.

Now for the food!
My dish: A kilo of mussels cooked in a pot with white wine, vegetables, mushrooms, bacon and a hint of cream. Yummy ingredients but the soup turned out quite bland to my liking.
The mussel pots come with chips and mayonnaise which was oh-so-good.
Arthur's dish: twice baked crispy pork belly served with mash potato, sauerkraut and apple sauce. The pork belly was gooood. I actually liked this more than the mussels. Crunchy golden skin with the soft layers of fat and juicy meat. Now I know to some, the idea of pork belly can be a bit revolting but this is delicious. Eating it on its own can be a bit full on so it's wise to have it with the sauerkraut and apple.
Andrew's dish: Belgian style meat balls with potatoes. It was rather ordinary.

That's it for the mains! I was tempted to get the Belgian waffle with Callebaut warm chocolate sauce for dessert but Andrew convinced me to head to Guylian instead, so we weaved our way through the crowd of people and off to the next hunt!

Belgian Beer Cafe: Heritage
135 Harrington St
The Rocks NSW 2000
(02) 9241 1775

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