Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've heard good things about bills and I just had to try. There were a few around Sydney but we went to Darlinghurst, since I wanted to try Campos coffee which was just nearby. 
When we arrived, there were a few people ahead of us and I expected to wait a while but we were seated not long after. 
A little peek into the kitchen

Drinks first. Bills hot chocolate. Made with Callebaut! This was so good. If only all cafes makes their hot chocolate with Callebaut. ($4.00)
Sunrise drink - orange juice, banana, yoghurt and berries. Not a fan of yoghurt but this was refreshing. ($4.80 for small)
Bill Granger's famous ricotta hotcakes with fresh banana and honeycomb butter. ($17.50)

The hotcakes were soft and light and I loved the honeycomb butter! Could definitely use more of the honeycomb butter.

Classic scrambled organic eggs and sourdough toast ($13.50) with extras of mushrooms and bacon.

I was having food envy at this point. I loved the ricotta hotcakes but, the mushrooms and eggs were delicious. The mushrooms were very juicy and I like the sprinkle of chopped corianders on top. The bacon wasn't too greasy, salty or fat and the eggs were so light and fluffy.

Would like to try the lunch dishes next time. They've got a pretty interesting menu. Reasonable prices too. 

After bills we went to Bunker to get some Campos coffee. I had the ice coffee and it was not too bad. I'm not a coffee drinker so couldn't really judge. Arthur didn't like his coffee though and he's more of a coffee drinker than I am. 

We also went to Hurricane Ribs at Darling Harbour but my camera's battery ran out from taking too many pictures at the zoo so I couldn't take decent pictures. I remember waiting for half an hour even when I made a booking! We shared the ribs and they were massive. We also got disposable bibs haha, incase things get messy. Anyway, this pretty much sums up the Sydney trip!

bills - Darlinghurst
433 Liverpool Street
Darlinghurst 2010 NSW

(02) 9360 9631

Opening hours
Mon-Sat 7.30am-3pm
Sun 8.30am-3pm

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  1. Sometimes I can't help wondering if bills serves anything besides those hotcakes and scrambled eggs! :P Though I know that if/when I make it one of his cafes, that's exactly what I'll order. That hot chocolate looks divine, too!

  2. Hi Hannah!

    Yeah, keep hearing bout the hotcakes and scrambled eggs! Thanks for leaving a comment :)