Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EARL Canteen

Heard about Earl's from Ka Mun few months ago and as soon as I knew they have a pork belly sandwich on their menu, I'm sold. If you frequent food blogs, you're sure to have read about it!
I read that they serve restaurant quality sandwiches with the best ingredients sourced locally and ethically. I was excited! The lunch box ($13.50) looked appealing, which comes with salad and a dessert but you can only choose the sandwich in the display and it was not The pork belly sandwich. I could still choose it though but I have to pay few dollars on top of that.  We ended up getting the sandwiches on its own.

 Wagyu meatballs baguette ($12.50)

Seeing the size of the baguette, you kinda have to ditch the fork and knife and eat 'em with your hands. The baguette was a bit hard but there were generous servings of meatballs. The meatballs was alright but could be heated up a little longer. 

Otway Pork (free range) belly baguette ($13.50)

This was oh-so-good! Look at the golden crackling. It was crispy and not hard at all. The meat was tender and juicy too. I was quite careful not to eat the fats (I know, if I was that health conscious I wouldn't be eating this in the first place, but hey, a girl can indulge once in a while :) The wilted silverbeet gave it a bit of a bitter taste to it, which was good.

I actually asked the person who came to clear our tables if I could get just the pork belly on its own next time with the salads, without the baguette and he said yes! Yay, I might try that next time and see if they do it!
Close up shot below!
If pork belly does not appeal to you at all, fret not! There are other fancy selections and vegetarian options. Next on my list to try is: Duck confit, Sausage & the Egg, lime poached chicken and real steak sandwich!

Macarons by Duncan.
L-R: Passionfruit, Salted Caramel (best out of the 3!) and Rose ($2.50 each) and that's a turkish delight in the background.

Prices are reasonable for quality sandwiches. I would definitely come back to try the other sandwiches and the macarons! 

EARL Canteen
Ground level,
500 Bourke,
Lt Bourke St courtyard,
Melbourne 3000

(03) 9600 1995
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